Keyless lock.

Digital Door Locks vs Traditional Locks: Which Is Best For You?

There are many differences between digital door locks and traditional locks, including whether the system can be accessed remotely, if it needs a power source or not, how entry is gained, and the initial cost.

Choosing between a smart lock or a traditional lock will depend on your personal preferences, location, security needs, and budget. 

Here, I’ll break down the differences between digital door locks and traditional locks to help you make an informed decision that fits your needs best. 


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If someone steals your keys, it can be a concerning situation, especially if those keys provide access to your home, car, or other valuable possessions.

Step-by-Step: What To Do If Someone Steals Your Keys

While many people have the unfortunate experience of locking themselves out of their car or home, fewer experience having their keys stolen. The impact you experience because of stolen keys may vary. Having a home or work keys on the same key ring is very common and increases the level of angst surrounding the situation. The distress caused by stolen keys typically ranges from the level of inconvenience to that of a nightmare, depending on the steps you take after realising your keys have been taken. Read more

Changing locks and rekeying your home is a crucial step in maintaining your home's security.

Best Way to Change Locks and Rekey Your Home!

Security is a basic human need, and being confident your family, possessions, or place of business is safe from intruders is at the top of most people’s list of necessities. The best way to ensure security is to work with a professional locksmith. While you can look up videos regarding DIY locksmith services, this is rarely in your best interest. All it takes is one simple mistake, and your well-being is at risk.

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