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Intercoms can be the key point of communication between you and the front door of your home or business.
They can protect you and your loved ones. Safe and secure, without having to open the front door. Voice and video make it a safe and easy way of screening all visitors before you let them in.

Intercoms give two-way communication through voice and video intercoms and have the ability to unlock the door of the gate from a base station inside your home or business should you wish to let that person in.

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Conversations between rooms in the home or office are as easy as pressing a button.

Systems can be designed to:

  • Release the door electronically
  • Monitor an infant
  • See who’s at the front door/gate

Intercom technology of today also enables you to store images of who has been at the door if you were away.

We specialise in both residential and commercial applications and have a system to suit any need or budget.

Our team is ready to discuss your security requirements, so why not give us a call.

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Intercoms Are Key to Safety and Accessibility

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Intercom services

Home Intercom Systems

There are many advantages to investing in a home intercom system.

Benefits of a home intercom system include:

  • Voice and video connections provide the ability to identify visitors before allowing them entrance to the property, leading to increased home security
  • Can prevent crime by deterring criminals due to the presence of a camera (and providing evidence in the event of a crime)
  • May increase the value of your home
    Some home intercoms can be paired with your smart device, allowing you to control the system remotely
  • Home intercoms may be able to be integrated with your entire home security system or electronic lock system
  • Answer the door from anywhere in your home

Need to Upgrade Your Current Home Intercom System?

If you want to update your current home intercom system, we can help design a new setup with the features you want. We partner with you to ensure your home intercom system is functional, convenient, and in line with your desired level of security.

Commercial Intercom Systems

Commercial intercom systems are ideal for a vast range of commercial, industrial, and office applications.

For certain industries, a commercial intercom system can be especially important. Along with the higher level of security offered by these features, an intercom system also allows staff to maintain communication with each other and easily broadcast announcements.

Benefits of commercial intercom systems include:

  • Secure, two-way communication between staff members
  • Help occupants, visitors, and staff members feel safe and secure
  • Staff can easily monitor and control who is allowed to access the property
  • Voice and video connections for easy monitoring
  • Can offer contactless entry or remote access
  • A convenient way to manage foot traffic in commercial properties

If you want to amp up security for your business or property and enable easy communication between staff members, ask us about our custom commercial intercom solutions. We can design and install commercial intercom systems specifically suited to your location, setup, building size, security goals, and communication needs.

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At Diamond Locksmiths, we’ve been helping home and business owners keep their properties and assets secure for decades.

For a custom intercom Perth homeowners can trust to provide the ultimate convenience and high security, our professional, friendly team at Diamond Locksmiths is ready to deliver. Contact our experts today to learn about our personalised home and commercial intercom systems.

Intercom systems automatically take your home security to the next level

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    While both kinds of systems work well, their usefulness varies depending on the situation. Wireless intercoms are easy to install and work well in smaller homes and businesses. A wired intercom system is more challenging to install. However, a wired intercom is a smart choice if you are in a large building.

    You can get many results by integrating a new intercom with your existing security system. Typically, your installer integrates the intercom into an access control system. This is an ideal way to control who can and cannot enter your property.

    Many intercom systems have capabilities that extend beyond speaking with someone in another part of the building. Video calling is one of the most popular features of intercoms. However, depending on the model, your intercom can:

    • Offer noise cancellation
    • Access the internet
    • Group calling
    • Remote access

    Standard intercoms are not equipped for remote monitoring. However, you can purchase intercoms that have such features. You will also need to connect your intercom to the internet for remote monitoring.

    Because of the wide variety of intercom systems on the market, quoting a specific one-size-fits-all price is nearly impossible. However, the price of an intercom is often dictated by the following factors:

    • The Cost of the Equipment- A basic system will cost less than a high-tech top of the line intercom.
    • How Many Intercom Units are Included- A two-unit intercom will be less expensive than a multi-unit setup.
    • Installation Costs- You should hire a professional to install your intercom system. Additionally, a hard-wired system for your building will cost more than a wireless one.
    • Maintenance Costs- Some systems come with a monthly monitoring fee. Wireless systems will need an occasional charge to keep the battery running.


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