Diamond Lock and Security are amongst the leading suppliers of locks and security products in WA. We have all kinds of options for you, ranging from padlocks to deadlocks to electrical products. Our professionals also provide keying services, which allow you to have just one key for all locks you have whenever compatible.

Take the time to check on our products, which are available at very competitive prices. You can find locks from top brands, including Samsung, ABUS, and Carbine.

Standalone and networked electric digital lock systems are a fraction of the price of wired systems and can be installed in minutes. They eliminate the need for keys and can fit into a wide variety of doors and trims while still resisting intruders, vandals and damage. Real-time automated locking and unlocking schedules simplify access.

The next generation of locks is the digital deadlock system. With user-friendly accessibility, state-of-the-art security and the ultimate in simplicity, electric digital locks have it all. These locks can be protected using both passwords and fingerprints, enabling you to burglar-proof your home or workplace with a touch. We feature these along with standard deadlocks from reputable brands.

Padlocks have been trusted for generations and can be used just about anywhere to keep your property secure. Modern padlocks are available in many types, sizes and features, so it’s important to know your needs and the purpose of the padlock when shopping for a new one. We offer a wide range of padlocks to keep your property secure, and our locksmith can help you find the right padlock for your situation.

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Whether you require locks for your doors, gates, cabinets, or windows, we have got the suitable choices for your needs. At Diamond Lock and Security, you can count on us to help secure your home and business.


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