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Electronic access control locking systems provide security beyond the door.

Enabling you to restrict or allow access whilst protecting assets, individuals can gain access to a building, office or door by providing their credentials and authentication with proof of identity.

This can be achieved through a PINs, proximity cards or keyfobs.

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    There are different levels of access control which can also include audit trail so you can retrieve a report if and when required of who has had access or been denied access.

    We can provide your business with a security survey and give you our expertise and knowledge on how best we can secure your business.

    All of our consultants are police cleared. We pride ourselves on finding the best solution to suit any need or budget.

    We have a team of qualified technicians who are competent to handle any project in this field.

    Access Control can be used to secure

    • Offices
    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Commercial Facility Management
    • The system can be designed to secure the exit and entry points of a building or internal doors

    Access Control can be

    • Stand alone
    • Networked (online)

    For more information on how we can best upgrade the security of your business give us a call today.

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    Do you want the knowledge and control of who is coming and going in your busy workplace?

    Aperio access control reader

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    This new technology enables mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to an existing system.


    Salto Wireless Systems

    A huge range of access control applications, you choose the level of security control you need!

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