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Your home needs solid, secure indoor & outdoor security and padlocks play a significant part.

Padlocks have been used for hundreds of years to safeguard property, such as portable locks with a shackle that will pass through an opening to safeguard against unauthorised use and vandalism.

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Made Easy

I’m pretty sure most people won’t remember their high school locker combination; was it 1-4-9 or was it 12-17-11? It was tough to remember back then as well. It’s a similar case with keys, how many times did you end up forgetting your keys trying to make it in time for the class?

Well, they may have their negatives, but padlocks both keyed and combination, were, and still are, the first choice for a wide range of indoor and outdoor household and travel security purpose, not just school lockers.

Over time with the advancement in technology, padlocks have become more user-friendly, easier to use in travel, storage or residential uses.

Moreover, to end the frustration of forgetting combinations and losing keys padlocks, have become more sophisticated. We now have Bluetooth controlled residential padlocks controlled via smartphone, padlocks with numerical combinations and padlocks with audit trails.

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Don't Compromise Your Safety

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Our Different Types

Of Padlocks

We sell a range of padlocks:

  • Brass padlocks -Large and small
  • Steel padlocks
  • Hardened body steel padlocks
  • Shackle protected padlocks
  • Stainless steel padlocks
  • Laminated padlocks
  • Round and Square padlocks
  • Various securing devices you could lock with a padlock

Add the following features:

  • Have them keyed alike-one key to work both
  • Make master keyed and individual keyed padlocks
  • Add restricted profile to the padlocks and keys
  • Have key retained feature added
  • Have a shackle collar added to retain or weld chain to
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Your One-stop

Padlock Shop

Diamond Lock & Security are a one-stop shop for your entire padlock needs. We stock some of the best quality, and trusted brands. At our retail store you will find wide array of padlocks and security devices for padlocks to meet all your residential and business security needs.

Our locksmith will listen to your requirements and preference then assist you in selecting the best padlock for the job.

We make W.A.S. (West Australian Services, WAS ) locks that allows the like of Synergy, Alinta Gas, Plumbers etc access through maybe your gate or door to work or read the meter at your premises.

Synergy padlocks and meter box locks are also available.


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Automotive Locksmith

Need spare car keys? Lost or stolen car keys? New keys at reasonable prices, genuine or aftermarket options.

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Emergency Locksmith

Diamond Lock & Security are there for you after hours. We can help you anytime as we know, thins happen.

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Key Cutting

Key cutting services for residential, commercial buildings, car keys copied or manufactured to factory specifications.

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