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At Diamond we demonstrate our value by being experienced, on-time and equipped to deliver to high standard. To make your day easier and customers happy, our full-service offering combines our locksmithing, master keying and administration capabilities to promptly respond to, coordinate and resolve your requests.

Our fleet of stocked vans and responsive administration team will work closely with you and on-premise contacts to promptly respond and resolve your requests.

You can trust us to manage and maintain the integrity of keying systems and locks whilst respecting and caring about your customers, assets and reputation.

Strata Security Issues?

Prioritise and Fix

How many keys have access to your premises? Restricted and master keying systems track the number of keys that have been issued for each key level. Restricted keys are only available with specific locksmiths who must abide by their legal, ethical and professional obligations.

As a Strata and Property Manager we can assist in responding to your needs and questions including:

Are your keys standard (copied by anyone almost anywhere) or restricted? Standard keys can be copied by anyone from almost anywhere. Restricted keys and barrels are higher security and are only available through authorised locksmiths who are contractually, legally and morally obligated.

Do you have delegated authorities for ordering and issuing keys and locks? Restricted keys require an order and instructions from a delegated and registered signatory to allow keys and locks to be made and issued. Keys and locks are made based on system information so no need to bring keys in to be cu

If I change the locks do I need to change the door furniture? No. In most cases we only need to change the key barrel or cylinder.  This saves time, money and waste.

Can you provide an assessment, report, recommendations and obligation free quote to improve the security and compliance of our properties and assets?  Yes, we are very happy and willing to engage with you understand your needs and develop your requirements to improve the security, compliance and convenience of managing tenants, owners and properties.


Diamond Lock & Security specialise in property management locksmith services – supplying you a complete security management solution. Call us NOW to find out more.


Solve Your

  • Restricted Master Key Systems
  • Replace broken locks, handles & door closers
  • Electronic Access Control and Master Keying & Security Needs
  • Deadlocks and a range of specialty padlocks (can have on restricted key system)
  • Gaining access to locks with no keys
  • Access control systems, standalone locks or networked
  • Recode of your locks so the old key no longer works on your premises

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