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This new technology enables mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to an existing system.
Aperio integrates directly with the access control system to form one system, it is not an add on or two systems linked together. It utilises the one access control database and provides live events directly to the access control event log.

Aperio access control reader
Wireless Access Control

The Evolution Starts Here

The heart of Aperio is the short-range wireless communication protocol which provides communication between the Aperio Locks to the Aperio Hub.

The Aperio hub is wired via RS485 to the access control system. Depending on the type of access control system used up to 16 hubs can be wired together on a single RS485 Bus.

The 1-to-8

Communication Hub

The Aperio Hub has a transmission range of 25meters and will communicate with up to 8 Aperio devices depending on the access control system it is connected to.

Communication between the hub is encrypted using 128 AES Encryption

  • Connects up to 8 Aperio™ devices
  • Operates within a transmission range of 25 metres
  • Reduced time and effort required for installation
  • Significantly reduces costs for integrated access control doors
Comm Hub
Savings of Aperio

Cabling and Installation Efficiency

Looking at a standard Access Control installation, considerable labour is used cabling and installing card readers and electric strikes. You can double that labour if retrofitting into an existing building or installing electric mortice locks, triple that labour if retrofitting a Heritage Building or Architectural Building.

Dramatic savings on:

  • Cabling
  • Labour
  • Fitting off components
  • Reader module
  • Controller
  • Power Supply
  • and – Strike, Mortice Lock, Mag Lock, or other

* No difficult cabling across or down concrete, glass, etc.


Hub & Escutcheons

Escutcheon E100

Escutcheon – E100

Aperio Escutcheon, is the standard when converting mechanical locks to Online Wireless Access Control.

  • Battery powered
  • >40K operations
  • Card reader and wireless transceiver
  • Brushed stainless steel finish standard
  • Alternative cylinder types
  • Key override
Cylinder C100

Cylinder – C100

C100 cylinder ideally designed to replace key operated locks, that is where the door remains locked and is always accessed using a key, the advantage of converting such doors to access control provides easy operation for staff, full audit trail, live to the access control system and eliminates key management issues.

  • Battery powered
  • >40K operations
  • Card reader and wireless transceiver
  • Standard Australian oval cylinder
  • Replaces standard keyed cylinder
  • Retro fit Lockwood 3570 series lockcase
Cabinet Lock

Wireless Access Control

Cabinet lock

Cabinet lock – K100

  • Card reader and wireless transceiver
  • Battery powered
  • >50K operations
  • Extended >100K operation option
  • Key override option
  • Immediate live monitoring
Cabinet lock wireless

Cabinet Security

  • Mifare/Desfire/iClass & 125khz Prox credentials supported
  • Mechanical key override option
  • Battery jump port
  • Dual battery option providing up to 100,000 operations
  • Extend access control to cabinets, cupboards and drawers
Cab lock k100

Server lock – K100

  • Card reader and wireless transceiver
  • 48v POE or 24v Standard Power
  • Key override
  • Door & lock monitoring
  • Mifare/Desfire/iClass & 125khz Prox credentials supported
Server Rack Security

Server Rack Security

  • Cost effective solution for a single data cabinet or for a complete data center
  • High security asset protection with audit trail
  • Hardwired POE 48VDC or standard 24VDC option
    • Easy to install
    • Designed for standard 25mm x 100m server lock opening
  • For use on left or right handed doors
  • Door and lock status monitoring

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