KABA is a 22 pin cylinder dimpled security key providing restricted access to areas designated by you. KABA security key systems are also known as a restricted key systems.

A Restricted Key System means that only persons with their signature registered with the manufacturer are able to obtain keys.

An access control system is generally a door controlled by electronic locks meaning access can only be gained with a card or pin code rather than a key.

This will depend on the type of window locks fitted to your house but in most cases the window key size will be a lot smaller than a front door key so this may not be possible.

Yes but this will generally implement a master key system where there is master key that can open all locks and then, staff or family members may have a key that can only open certain locks.

We can cut virtually any key but as newer cars have chip technology we may not be able to replicate it. The easiest way is to bring the key in to our workshop so our technicians can take a look at it.

First questions is “does the key turn in the ignition?” If the answer is YES then it’s NOT key problem. If the answer NO, first try a different key and if that doesn’t work then get it to our workshop so we can take a look, the key may be worn or worse the lock may be faulty.

Cars are getting harder that ever to open, however our technicians have more skills than most to attempt to open your car. If a member of the RAC they are also well known for car lockout entry’s.

Call us as our technicians are fully trained in how to open locks to your business without damaging them.

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