For over 40 years Diamond have been providing comprehensive, responsive and reliable locksmithing services and products for a broad range of commercial locking, master and restricted keying and security applications.

Our full-service offering combine our locksmithing, master and restricted keying and administration capabilities with responsive

services, quality products and technology so we always satisfy your needs, standards and obligations.

You can trust us to manage and maintain the integrity of keying systems and locks whilst respecting and caring about your customers, assets and reputation.

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With years of experience, our commercial locksmith services offer a range of advantages to help maintain your business’s security and operations. Our commercial services include:

  • Restricted and Master Keying Systems – With our Master Key System, you get enhanced control, security and convenience of single-key access based on the access requirements of locks and the roles of people requiring access.
  • Managing Restricted and Master Keying Systems – Our secure software and team make sure your system is operating as
  • Electronic Access Control – We use the leading software and equipment from brands like Salto, Paxton and Inception. Our Electronic Access Control (EAC) systems provide comprehensive options for authorisation and identification. Our EAC is efficient for both single (standalone system) and multi-door facilities(connected through a wireless network).
  • Repair and replace locks – When a lock has been da
    maged or picked, act right away. Call the professionals at Diamond Locksmith to have the lock replaced. We also install all lock and security products to keep your premises safe.
  • Installation of speciality locks – We have a wide range of specialty locks, as well as heavy-duty padlocks that ensure your company’s security 24/7.
  • Lock decoding – We are able to decode locks and cut keys thatwork the existing locks. You never have to worry about old or lost keys.
code controlled door for commercial spaces installed by commercial locksmith professionals

Benefits of Master and Restricted Key System

We recommend restricted key system installation for the following reasons:

  • Higher security. Lock cylinders are designed and made hardened materials and have high security technology at hat make them hard to pick or drill. Higher security locks like Kaba cylinders are virtually impossible to pick.
  • Key authorisation. When a key system is managed by Diamond Locksmiths, only authorised personal can authorise key duplications. We can cut from the key code with the submission of a key order form and do not require a key to duplicate. We will call you when it’s ready for collection or delivery.
  • Key, door and access management. If your facility has multiple locations, doors, keys and user roles, then a key hierarchy can be designed and implemented where a master key opens all doors, with lower level (change) keys only open role specific doors. The provides a cost-effective access control for various employees within your business and options for expansion as your business grows.
  • Systems information and data management: At Diamond we maintain the latest versions of ProMaster and work with you to maintain relevant and reliable system information.
  • Patented Locks and keyways. No other locksmiths or person can duplicate your keys.

We Specialise:

We understand, support and service a broad range of customers and sectors including:

  • Residential and personal property
  • Commercial, industrial and retail asset management
  • Strata and property management
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Public and Private Health and Aged Care
  • Education including child care, schools and universities
  • Automotive and mechanical
Driving into the commercial part of Perth city lit up with night lights.
We Have the Solution for

Your Property

We have proudly serviced commercial businesses around the Perth area for 40+ years. We understand your needs as a business owner from a locksmith and security point of view. In fact we service these common problems daily: 

  • Failing door closers
  • Broken locks
  • Loose Locks
  • Toilet locks
  • No keys
  • Supply of heavy-duty locks/padlocks
  • Safes
Masters in Business Security

& Operator Convenience

Our aim is not only to secure your premise but also to simplify your process with a master key system designed by one of our experienced and professional locksmiths. One key can do the work of many so access and who can obtain keys is under control- by you.

Maybe you have just moved into new premises and the thought crosses your mind “I wonder how many keys exist to this entry door” call and book a locksmith to recode your locks and supply new keys. 

With the wide and varied locks available today it becomes less of a problem to lock up cupboards, gates and storage areas.

We can also supply and install premium small to large safes from our safe arm of the business.

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We Have Been Securing Business' Across Perth for Over 40 Years

And Have a Solution for Your Property



Access control system

Access Control Systems

Electronic access control locking systems provide the security beyond the door, enabling you to restrict or allow access whilst protecting assets.



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Commercial Padlocks

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Lock installation

Lock Installation

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Master key systems diagram of how it works.

Master Key Systems

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