Carbine brings enhanced commercial-grade security with the 4000 series deadbolts. Choose between a stainless-steel finish or a polished brass finish to give your place of business a coordinated appearance.



  • ALB 4011A Deadbolt Stainless Steel Finish
  • ALB 4110A Deadbolt Polished Brass Finish


  • The brass bolt is reinforced with a hardened steel centre to enhance security by making sawing through almost impossible
  • The deadbolt can accept a wide variety of restricted barrels
  • Extra protection from hidden fixing allen key screws
  • Available option of decreased cylinder housing increases compatibility for those equipped with an ultra-high security system


  • Rekeyable for master keying or simple keying
  • Will work with the Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5) profile
  • Brass six-pin PD style cylinder is removable
  • The diameter is 70mm with the included rosette and a diameter of 65mm without the rosette
  • 127mm backset bolts available
  • Fits doors between 35mm and 45mm
  • Available for purchase with a 60mm, 70mm, or adjustable 60mm to 70mm backset
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