The Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700WP 26D is a part of the DL2700WP Series. It is an electronic digital lock with weatherproofing qualities. Therefore, it can be installed in your front door or any outdoor area to block and deter unauthorised people from entering.

This particular model comes in a satin chrome finish. It can hold up to 100 user codes, making it ideal even for businesses. The Trilogy DL2700WP 26D can keep one master code and 10 manager codes. It will also accept up to three user codes that you will only use once.

The electronic digital lock can also hold individual lockout codes, as well as group and total codes. The modes are easily changeable from becoming a manager to the master to the regular users.




One of the things that make this product stand out is its weatherproofing abilities. It is water-sealed, so you can use it anywhere, even outdoors when it is raining. It has an operational temperature range of 66 C to -35 C.

Additional Features

  • The lever style is a straight lever, making it the best option as a passage or privacy handle. It can be used for the front door, bedroom, and bathroom.
  • It can fit doors that are 41 mm to 48 mm thick.
  • The electronic lock uses five AA alkaline batteries. They are rated at 120,000 cycles.
  • If the battery is low, you will hear a low battery alert, along with visual entry indicators.

The keypad of the Alarm Lock Trilogy DL2700WP 26D is all metal with 12 buttons. All the functions of the lock are programmed using the keypad.

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