Design and Purpose

The ABUS 83/45 lock is designed using solid brass material, giving it extra resistance against corrosion. It can be used even in salty environments. The shackle is made of a select type of alloy steel, which comes with a Nano protective coating for even more corrosion protection.

ABUS 83/45 has a dual ball bearing for its locking mechanism. This feature is useful in resisting pulling, tugging, and prying, which many thieves do. As part of the ABUS 83 series, the 83/45 allows keying into different security keyways. It uses a cylinder that can be removed for re-keying, which enables the users to match the existing keys.

The series also comes with a shackle change facility. It allows the users to modify the shackles within seconds. Only ABUS has the patented Z-bar, which it can convert to a key retainer to non-key retainer in less than a minute.



Corrosion Resistant and Versatile

The 83/45 lock from ABUS is not only corrosion-resistant but also double bolted. Its two sides of the shackle are enforced with security using bolts or balls. Such a feature increases protection against lock manipulation and other attacks. It can even resist drill attacks.

This lock is great for the following purposes:

  • Securing items or goods that are of great value
  • Protecting your valuables against thieves
  • Keeping your gratings and doors from getting accessed by unwanted persons
  • Securing your switchboards, cellar windows, barriers, toolboxes, and more

Apart from the mentioned features, the 83/45 also has an automatic locking system. Simply push down the shackle, and it will lock right away without requiring you to use any key. You will know if it is correctly locked if you can remove the key; otherwise, it will stay where it is.

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