Electronic key pads mean that there is no need to remember a key but a code instead.

The popularity of electronic locks is undeniable. While users get plenty of positives, this type of lock has a few drawbacks as well. Using smart technology has opened up a world of features that were unavailable to any lock until recently. Check out the pros and cons of smart door locks to find out if this is the best type of lock for you. 

For centuries, manual locks have been protecting people and valuables. While updates made them more sophisticated, the general operating principle remains unchanged. 

Smart locks became common in the late 1980s as key cards granted limited access to car parks, with other applications soon to follow. As technology advanced, locksmiths began installing keyless locks and alarm systems in homes and businesses. Today, they are a popular choice in security. However, many consumers are uncertain about electronic locks and value more information to help them make decisions regarding the best lock for their application. 


Quick Summary:


  • Exceptional security
  • Convenient
  • Save time and effort
  • Wise Investment


  • Higher cost
  • Limited due to door quality
  • Battery Powered

A locksmith can help you determine the security solution that will be ideal for your needs and help you decide between the different types of locks


Pros and Cons of Electronic Door Locks


What is an Electronic Door Lock?


Also known as a “smart lock” an electronic door lock is a high-tech keyless entry system. It goes beyond the functions of a digital lock and offers key features to augment safety and convenience, such as, 

  • Enhanced Security- In addition to locking capabilities, smart door locks can provide access logs, real-time alerts, and robust encryption. 
  • Remote Access- Connected devices can control smart locks from anywhere. With a smartphone app, you can lock or unlock your doors whether you are around the corner or across the country. 
  • Work with Home Automation- Your smart locks easily integrate with your home automation devices. Never come home to a dark house by turning on the lights before you arrive. You can also walk into a comfortable house by adjusting the temperature on your way home. 
  • Customisation- With smart door locks, you will have an extra element of control because you can designate temporary access codes. If you host overnight guests frequently or own rental properties, temporary access codes will make life easier for you and those who are staying in your home. 


Pros of ‘Smart Locks’ 


Smart door locks are gaining popularity as newer and more responsive technology continues to enhance performance. There are many positive elements these locks offer, including:

  • Exceptional Security- The top benefit of electronic locks consumers site is the high level of security the locks provide. Access to real-time alerts and the remote abilities the locks offer give you peace of mind when you are away from home and when you are home alone. 
  • Convenience- Losing or misplacing keys is common and happens to most of us at one time or another. Smart locks take the keys out of the equation, offering simplicity to your busy life. 
  • Save Time and Effort- You can avoid frantically hunting for your keys with your hands full, which is especially frustrating. Additionally, you can quickly enter buildings equipped with keyless smart locks, adding to your personal safety.
  • Wise Investment- High-tech features in your home are an excellent selling point, and smart locks are near the top of the list of features house hunters are looking for when reviewing listings. Additionally, if you rent your home to vacationers, smart door locks increase the property’s desirability. 

Electronic key pads mean that there is no need to remember a key but a code instead.


Cons of Electronic Door Locks


Even the best product has a few downsides. While there are not a large number of cons, there are several to consider. 

  • The Cost- Adding technology, such as a smart door lock, will come with a price tag. This will vary based on the type, location, obstacles to the installation, and other factors. The additional cost may not be a significant issue. You should consult your insurance company after the smart locks are in place. Many companies offer discounts to their insured premiums for added security options.  
  • Dependent on Door Quality- Even the most expensive high-tech device cannot offer much protection if the door is flimsy. Other problems, like ill-fitting doors, will decrease the level of security that any lock can provide. 
  • Power is Required- Electronic door locks must have a power supply to operate. If your home experiences a power outage, you may have issues with your locks. However, many types of smart locks have battery backups to maintain power. Ask your locksmith to suggest brands with this feature, especially if your area is prone to power outages. 


Samsung Smart Keyless Digital Deadbolt Door Lock


Our Expert Tips:

A high-quality smart door lock offers you an unparalleled level of security. You will also benefit from flexibility regarding allowing others into your home or business when you are unavailable. Giving your dog walker a code to enter your home is much safer than tossing your key in the post box or hiding it under your front door mat. Likewise, remotely unlocking your door because a package has arrived saves effort and time. 

You will want to consider the type of door you have and if it is compatible with a digital lock. Additionally, ensure your door is well-made. A flimsy door will not offer much protection, no matter what type of lock you choose. 

Generally, an electronic lock is an excellent choice for homes and businesses. These locks provide an extra layer of protection, as well as convenience and we often recommend them to our customers. 

If you’re still wondering how to choose between a smart door lock and a traditional lock, I recommend booking an appointment with a locksmith. 


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Making a decision is much easier when you have all the facts. If you choose a smart lock, ensure that a professional locksmith in Perth installs it. An incorrectly installed lock cannot offer much protection to you or your belongings. 

If you are not sure if a smart door lock is right for you or if you would like help comparing locks so you can choose with confidence, feel free to reach out to the experts at Diamond Lock and Security. 

With years of expertise and extensive training, our expert locksmiths can offer you unbiased insight to help you choose the right electronic lock. If you need information about traditional locks, the Diamond Lock and Security team can tell you what you want to know. 

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