Sam Cockle Co-owner of Diamond Locksmith

Sam – Co-owner

As the co-owner of Diamond Locksmiths, my journey in the world of security and locksmith services has been both rewarding and challenging. Diamond Locksmiths was established 40 years ago, and since then we have grown into one of the top reliable security experts within the industry.

Our primary mission is to ensure every customer feels secure and protected, whether in their home or business. We achieve this with our focus on providing the best customer service, understanding that true security is developed through trust with those supplying and installing the locks.

For myself Diamond Locksmiths is more than a business; it’s provides safety to the community. I have put a focus on improving local security. I take pride in my role, continuously striving to learn more and provide the best possible service, ensuring that every client feels confidently secure with our solutions.

To provide the best security, I must stay up to date with the ever-evolving locksmith industry. I am constantly learning about new technologies while valuing the reliability of traditional security.

Another significant aspect and personally my favourite part of my role, is mentoring our apprentices. Guiding these aspiring locksmiths in their professional and personal growth is extremely fulfilling. Its a mixture between technical skills as well as helping them to develop personal skills such work ethic and dedication. I love mentoring, not only does it allow myself to continue to learn, but in terms of the business it allows Diamond Locksmith to continue develop some of the best locksmiths in Perth.

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