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Are you researching locks for a newly installed interior or exterior door? Or do you need to add or replace a lock on one of your doors?

Before deciding on a new lock, it can be helpful to understand the different lock types and their specific applications.

In our simple guide to common lock types, we’ll cover what each lock is and its best uses so you can make an informed decision.


A Guide to Different Lock Types

Regular Lock Sets

What are regular lock sets?

Regular locks are often used for interior doors throughout the home, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. These locks are quick and easy to install and lock from the inside. Regular lock sets are excellent for providing privacy but offer minimal security.

Best for: Interior doors, such as bedrooms or bathrooms



What Is a Padlock?

Padlocks have been a common lock option for years and offer a multitude of applications for securing property.

As opposed to door installation, padlocks are a self-contained lock type. The entire padlock can be removed from the locking latch on the compartment or door it is used on.

Modern padlocks come in a variety of sizes and offer multiple features. We can help you choose from our range of padlocks to find the best option for securing your assets.

Best for: Locking garage doors, luggage, toolboxes, bikes, or sheds

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Electronic or Keypad Locks

What Is an Electronic Lock?

Typically, electronic locks consist of a deadbolt, level, cam lock mechanisms, and a knob. Rather than needing a physical key, the system is accessed with a fingerprint scanner, voice-recognition software, or an electronic keypad.

Standalone and networked electric digital lock systems are highly effective yet far less expensive than wired systems. Another advantage of networked and standalone electrical digital locks is fast installation. These systems can be installed in a matter of minutes.

They also eliminate the need for carrying around physical keys and are suitable for a wide variety of door shapes and sizes. If you want simplified access with high security, electrical lock systems may be the ideal choice for you.

Best for: Keyless security systems, Smart Home integration, homeowners who prefer not to use a physical key, or businesses (several individuals can share the same code to access the facility or individual codes can be programmed for each person)

Samsung Digital Deadbolt



Deadbolt Locks

What Is a Deadbolt Lock?

A deadbolt lock consists of a large metal bolt that pushes into a strike plate within the door frame, providing a tight seal and a high level of security. Deadbolt locks are one of the most durable, effective lock types, so it’s no surprise they are the most common lock type for home security.

The next generation of locks is the digital deadbolt lock system. By combining the security of a deadbolt with the convenience of an electric lock, digital deadlock systems offer state-of-the-art security and user-friendly simplicity all in one. We offer standard deadbolt locks and digital deadbolt lock systems so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Best for: Securing exterior doors to homes, exterior doors on businesses, on drawers or compartments that contain high-value items, or for homeowners who are looking for a budget-friendly lock type that still offers a high level of security

Locksmiths can duplicate every kind of deadbolt.


Tips on How to Choose a Lock

With a variety of lock types available, it’s important to find one that will fit your needs and keep your home secure.

Here are some quick tips on how to choose a lock:

  • Narrow down your choices by considering the door type you need a lock for (wood, metal, etc.)
  • Look at the pros and cons of lock materials (zinc, steel, brass, etc.) to see if you have a preference
  • Measure the size of the lock you need for your door
  • Look at the price of the locks to determine a lock that fits your security needs and budget
  • Check the lock’s warranty
  • Ask your local locksmith if you need help measuring for the correct lock size or deciding which type of lock you need



  • What is the best lock for a front door?

We highly recommend deadbolts as the safest lock for a front door.

  • Can I install a deadbolt on a hollow door?

We do not recommend installing a deadbolt on a hollow door. However, if you do install a deadbolt on a hollow door, you can use longer bolts or a solid metal strike plate to help strengthen the deadbolt.

  • What types of locks are best for exterior doors?

The best lock types for exterior doors are electronic locks and deadbolts.

  • Why should I use a professional locksmith?

Hiring a professional locksmith ensures your lock is installed properly and with no damage to the door or door frame. It also ensures the highest security and gives you peace of mind knowing the lock was installed correctly.

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