The locks you have on your commercial entry doors are the first line of defense against intruders.

Generally, business owners do not spend much time thinking about the locks on the doors to their businesses, except possibly when locking and unlocking. However, focus shifts quickly when there is a problem with a lock.

If you discover your key will not open your lock or that the door and lock mechanism is damaged, the best thing you can do is get in touch with a locksmith. Here are five reasons why.


1. Your Lock Cannot be Fixed Until it is Open

A lock will usually break from the wear and tear of opening and locking the door day after day for years. Depending upon the degree of damage, this can be a simple process where a locksmith can bypass broken keyways. Unfortunately, your locksmith may need to drill the lock open if it is catastrophically broken. Destructive entry, which can leave the lock intact, is a third option for gaining entry.


2. Determining Why a Lock Will Not Open

Before a locksmith can repair your lock, he or she will need to figure out why it no longer works. A broken key, worn-out locking mechanism, or several other problems may be why your lock is not functioning. This is a reason for you to call in a professional rather than try to work on it yourself.


3. Repairing the Lock May be an Option

Not every problem with a commercial lock will lead to a replacement. Faulty or broken parts inside the lock can be replaced unless the parts are no longer available. Sometimes, a locksmith must apply lubricant to loosen the mechanism and return it to regular functioning.

When significant problems cause locks to malfunction, business owners must decide whether repairing or replacing the lock is the best course of action. There are times when repairing a lock can save a great deal of money, especially when dealing with expensive electronic locks.

In some cases, replacing a lock may be more cost-effective rather than repairing it regularly. Your locksmith should be able to give you an approximate price comparison to help you decide which option is best for you.

Commercial locks come in many forms, ranging from standard door knobs to bar locks.


4. Replacing vs Repairing a Commercial Door Lock

Cost is not the only factor determining whether you should replace or repair your commercial door lock. If your door lock is older, the locksmith may not be able to get the necessary parts to repair the lock. Likewise, if you have put off getting a new lock because “the one that is here is just fine.” consider this a message that the old lock is not just fine.

Replacing your lock also provides the chance to upgrade to a lock that will work better for you. While you should check with your insurance provider, some insurance companies will give you a break on your premiums if you install a new lock system.


5. Other Reasons a Lock Will Not Open

Electronic locks can present unique challenges. Occasionally, your lock is fine, but other problems keep you from entering your building.

  • Problems with software
  • Power outages that initiate a system reboot
  • Scanners incorrectly calibrated
  • Operator error
  • Door strikes that need to be realigned



  • What causes commercial locks to break?

The daily use of the lock will gradually wear down the locking mechanism.

If my business experienced a break-in, do I need to change the locks?
After a break-in, the majority of businesses do change their locks, especially if a lock has been compromised during the break-in.

  • Can I buy replacement parts for a lock and fix it myself?

In theory, yes, you can do that. However, unless you know what you need to do, a locksmith will be able to do the job more securely in a fraction of the time.

  • Who do I contact for a broken lock after regular business hours?

We know that emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time or a reasonable hour of the day. You can contact Diamond Lock and Security for after-hours emergency services 24/7.

If the lock to your business is damaged, do not waste time and money trying to make repairs yourself. At best, you will have a repair that will not last; at worst, you will cause more damage to your door and lock.

Your best option is to call a professional like those at Diamond Lock and Security. They have the right skills and equipment to repair your company’s locks fast, so your business, employees, and customers are safe and secure.

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