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Diamond Lock and Security, here in Osborne Park, Perth is one of the most respected, Master Locksmith Association Member affiliated Locksmiths in all of Australia. We have been in business for over 40 years,  and know from experience that when people need a Locksmith in Perth, they call us.

 That being said, during the current COVID-19 Pandemic, both old and new customers have questions about calling any locksmith during this period. The following is our current response.

Are You Open for Business?

 If a customer means can you come to Diamond Lock and Security’s office in Osborne Park, the answer is YES. We are counted as an essential service but require you as our valued customer to follow strict social distancing guidelines.

We will, however, during daytime business hours, video chat with customers about their security needs. 

Diamond lock and security cars out the front of the venue.

Will Diamond Lock and Security Respond to House Calls? 

The answer is most definitely. 

By Australian Law, Locksmith home responses are considered an essential business. And so lockout and other services normally performed 24/7 by us continue to be offered. 

However, to avoid, as many COVID-19 problems as possible, the following policies are being implemented:

  • Every employee, including responding locksmiths, are sent home if sick. We monitor employees, including locksmiths. If they have an abnormal temperature, and they may not go back to work until their temperature is normal for three consecutive days.
  • All clients will be asked to minimise contact. This means if a locksmith comes to a potential clients door or car for a lockout, he or she is asked to meet the locksmith alone. If four people are surrounding a car that is locked out, three of those people will be asked to move at least 2 meters away or more politely. The same goes for appearing at the door. The locksmith will expect to be met by one responsible adult only, not two or more.
  • When calling on the phone, clients will be asked if they are self-isolating. This doesn’t mean our locksmiths will not come out to your home if necessary, but additional care may be taken by wearing a full-mask shield to not only protect our locksmiths but the clients we serve.
  • Our locksmiths will wipe their hands with antibacterial wipes before coming to your house, but in addition, they will probably ask permission to wash their hands with a protective soap they bring, before putting on their work gloves.
  • After completion, we will wipe everything down.  Every tool will be wiped down as well. Before leaving, the locksmith may ask permission to wash his hands again at the customer’s location, but if not, he will use antibacterial wipes to wipe his or her hands.
  • We will continue to respond to customers seeking more protection As our resources warrant, we will continue responding to customers who want to re-key their houses, add new locks, burglar-proof windows etc. However, again we expect to be dealing with only one adult in the house to limit contact.

During the current coronavirus pandemic; Diamond Lock and Security will do everything possible, as is normal, to protect you and your family.

People choose Diamond Lock and Security is because of our tremendous response time. It is second to none in the Perth area. However, and we apologise in advance if you are affected, during the COVID-19 crisis.

We Want to Be Sure You and Your Family Are Safe

Before we come to your house, you will be contacted and you will be informed which of our licenced locksmiths to expect at your door.
We will also include a copy of their company ID, and each technician will be prepared to show you that ID before entering your home. 

Not every locksmith company informs you who is coming, and we can’t vouch as well for the vetting service of their technicians. Ours are fully licenced, giving you peace of mind when we show up at our home. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is Diamond Lock, and Security services expect no interruption in its service during the current Pandemic.

We have been in business for 40 years in Perth because customers know we are 100 per cent reliable and trustworthy.

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