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Whether it is a sizeable house or a modest apartment, everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home. We also want to know our loved ones and material goods are safe as well.

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their place of residence. In this article, we cover some easy steps every person can use to secure their home.

Unfortunately, burglaries are a fact of life across the country. Here are some of the most recent statistics about Australian burglaries.

  • Over 75 per cent of burglars need less than five minutes to break into a residence.
  • More than 20 per cent of Australian homes experienced a break-in
  • A burglary occurs once every three minutes in Australia.

While ignoring these statistics would be unwise, you should not obsessively fret about these figures. What you should do is educate yourself about home security and then take the appropriate action to secure your home.
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Locksmith Approved Ways to Enhance Your Home Security

  • Invest in Quality Locks

    As most any locksmith will tell you, doors are only as strong as their locks. It is best to opt for the best locks you can afford for your home’s entry points. Be sure to keep in mind that these locks need to comply with the Australian Standard triple locking system.

  • Use the Locks Faithfully

    This sounds like some obvious advice, but according to a survey of burglars, 70 per cent said they entered the home through an unlocked door or window. That is a huge percentage of completely preventable crimes. It is easy to forget details in the shuffle of our busy lives, make sure you find a way to remember this important action.

  • Consider a Professionally Installed Safe

    If you have numerous objects that are significantly valuable, a quality safe installed by a skilled locksmith is worth the investment. Often, residents make the mistake of thinking that any safe will keep their valuables secure. However, most burglars will take small easy to remove safe boxes when they leave the premises. A properly installed safe will not easily come out of the wall.

  • Get a Professional Security System

    The aforementioned survey of burglars showed that 49 per cent considered a working alarm system a significant deterrent when they are casing for a location to rob. Conversely, burglars are generally savvy to fake alarm systems and can easily spot them. The same can be said for fake signs announcing a guard dog is on duty. If you have a dog, those interested in targeting your home will see other indicators (such as the dog itself) and are less likely to attempt to break-in to your residence.

  • Re-key Your Locks

    Unless you are the original owner, you have no way of knowing how many sets of keys exist that work in the locks of your home. The easiest way to guard against unscrupulous use of these keys is to hire a professional to re-key all of the locks in your home.

  • Timed Security Lighting

    Having well-lit entry points is a significant deterrent to criminals. Burglars want to get in and out of your residence quickly with as little attention as possible. If you make all of your doorways and windows as visible as you can, it will reduce the chances of your home becoming the target of a criminal.

  • Use Padlocks on Gates, Sheds, and Other Structures

    These areas are easy to overlook when considering the security of your home. A quality padlock is a smart and simple way to shore up your security. Not all padlocks are equally proficient. Many have advanced features such as Bluetooth technology or the ability to link to a smartphone. Adding technology to your padlock saves you the trouble of remembering combinations or keys.

    Here are a few features to consider when you purchase your next padlock:

    •  Hardened body padlocks of brass or steel
    • Key all padlocks to work with the same key for simplicity sake
    • Use a retained feature on padlocks
    • Place restricted profiles on keys and padlocks
    • Retain a chain with a shackle collar
  • You Should Strive to Appear to Be Home at All Times

    If you are planning a holiday, be sure to set timers to switch on the lights in your home. Additionally, seek the assistance of a trusted friend or family member to gather your mail and occasionally park in your drive. If possible, stop any planned deliveries. Packages gathering outside of your home are an indicator that no one is around, and they are also very easy for a criminal to steal. Even though posting about an upcoming adventure on social media is fun, avoid advertising your absence or itinerary.

  • Intercoms Are a Good Security Measure

    Intercoms Are a Good Security Measure- Aside from the convenience they provide in the home, a professionally installed intercom system is an excellent way to enhance your home security. Today’s high-tech intercom systems allow you options that will make a considerable difference for your home safety. Intercom systems come in a wide variety of models and price points, Speak with a security professional to learn what type will fit your needs.
    These features typically include:

    •  Open locks from inside of your home
    • Screen visitors, so you can be sure about whom you are allowing inside
    • Store images of those who come to your front door
    • Offer communication with other parts of the house should a need arise
  • Join or Create a Neighbourhood Watch Group

    Knowing that a network of people in an area is looking out for each other is a powerful deterrent to residential crime of all types. This is also a great way to foster a sense of community and build friendships. A neighbourhood watch group also provides some peace of mind whether you are at home or away. Many people find belonging to a watch group comforting because of the sense that someone is always looking after them.

    If you are considering home security, it is always best to err on the side of caution. Many professional locksmith companies will conduct safety inspections to show you any security vulnerabilities. You can also get professional recommendations about changes or upgrades that can make your home, your family, and your possessions safer.
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