It is always best to ensure you choose a high quality lock that can last you for years, however, sometimes wear and tear can cause inevitable problems.

Protecting what is important to you is vital regardless of your area or what you may have. Unfortunately, many people learn the hard way that the locks they relied on have failed.


What Causes Door Lock Failure?

There are several answers to the question of what causes locks to fail. Here are a few frequent causes:

  • Build Up of Dirt – It may not cross your mind, but our locks are constantly exposed to different kinds of debris and dirt. If you have a significant build-up of dirt, your lock mechanism could fail.
  • Attempts of Forced Entry – Even if unsuccessful, attempted forced entry can cause significant damage to the lock mechanism. You do not want to ignore this problem because it is only a matter of time until this lock fails.
  • Wear and Tear – Consider how many times you lock and unlock your door in a day. While this differs for everyone, the bottom line is that locks are one of your home’s most frequently used devices. All the use will take its toll, so maintaining and replacing your locks is essential.
  • Incorrect Installation – DIY sounds like a good idea until something goes wrong, and if you or another helpful person installed your lock incorrectly, you are looking at a reason for door lock failure.
  • Spring Lock Failure – Typically, the failure of the mechanism comes from overuse or too much force when using the lock.

The most common problems with locks are often quite minor, but they can still ruin your day.


Five Common Lock Problems

Many lock problems are common issues that nearly everyone experiences at one time or another. However, just because these issues happen often does not mean they are insignificant. You should call a professional locksmith if you experience any of these.

  1. A Key Breaks Off in the Lock – Turning a key very quickly (especially when it is not fully inserted) is usually the reason behind this widespread problem.
  2. A Misaligned Latch – When a door’s lock and strike plate are not set up correctly or are out of alignment for whatever reason, the lock will not close properly. Often you can tell when this happens because you will not hear the click a fully locked door makes.
  3. The Key Will Not Go in the Lock – If you are using a freshly cut key, there is a chance that the key is not cut correctly. However, if you are using the right key in a lock that has worked before, you could have an issue with the mechanical system of the lock.
  4. A Lock That Moves Slowly – When a lock feels like something is preventing it from turning, there is a good chance it is your problem. Locks are exposed to the elements and can rust or collect debris. These elements in the lock will prevent movement.
  5. A Lock That is Stuck or Seems Frozen in Place – A spray with a lubricant made for locks will usually restore the lock’s function. However, if it does not, you are looking at a mechanical failure and need help from a professional locksmith.


Three Tips to Prevent Lock Failure

Preventing a problem is an excellent alternative to repairing one. There are several ways to prevent lock failure, including;

  1. Start with Quality – You should start out using the best quality doors and locks you can afford.
  2. Practice Maintenance – Not only should you keep your locks free from debris, rust, and dirt, but maintain your door and door frame as well.
  3. Replace When Necessary – At the first signs of wear, contact your professional locksmith to replace your locks to maintain optimal security.

Improper lock installation is another reason for lock and door failure.

Remember, when it comes to locks, and lock maintenance, you are always better off if you are proactive, maintenance-minded, and err on the side of caution. Consider the potential outcomes if you had a lock failure and someone were to breach your locks. Aside from the cost and inconvenience of lock replacement, you stand to lose valuables or see those you care about in harm’s way.

Another loss that can never be replaced is your sense of well-being after a break-in. Victims of break-ins and home invasions repeatedly speak about their inability to feel secure in their homes or places of work. That is an exceptionally high price to pay for a preventable incident.

An emergency locksmith visit can repair your locks but never your sense of trust in the world.

Whether you are securing your family, possessions, or business, there is no room for shortcuts. Your security must be at the top of your priority list. If you have locks that are old, in bad shape or need maintenance, contact the expert locksmiths at Diamond Locksmiths. Our team of professionals is available to help you when you need it.

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